T H E  Q U E E N  S Y M P H O N Y 

This work is created based on the legendary group Queen’s most important melodies and it is intended to bring to light the essence of this great rock band but keeping the personality thanks to the melodic themed part. Kashif gets to produce a sophisticated symphonic background through a perfect orchestration and Erik Somers is the one who will later translate it to the Banda de Música.


David Barona, La Artística de Buñol and Word Wind Music discography cooperate in order to carry out the recording of this magnificent CD which counts on the participation of a cello soloist, a violin soloist, a piano soloist, a choir and a symphonic band. This versatile artist’s flawless technique and his unquestionable musicality were key when creating this record.

A R A   M A L I K I A N  - 1 5

David Barona became part of the creation of Ara Malikian’s “15”, which was recorded on thirteenth of November, 2014 at the Royal Theatre. This recording includes the participation of various invited guests such as Pagagnini’s quartet, Lamari de Chambao, Fernando Egozcue, José Luis Montón, Emilio Aragón, Rafael Amargo, Kepa Junquera, Ángel Corella, Los Secretos and the band (being David a founding member). The CD was live recorded and that allows us to enjoy in the first person the extreme beauty of a concert of such magnitude.


This record combines contemporary vibes with most classic style and offers a redefinition about the concept of traditional music. It was nominated to the Grammy Latinos on November, 2015.


C O N C E R T    D E    N A D A L    2 0 0 8

O N D A   C E R O    C A S T E L L Ó N

David Barona’s involvement in this record is also his debut at the Sala Mozart del Auditorio de Zaragoza along side the Young Symphonic Orchestra of Castellón and the conductor Sergio Alapont, turning out into a harmonious conjunction. The Rococo Variations for violoncello and Orchestra by Tchaikovsky are performed in here. This classic styled piece of work’s variations give it a high difficulty level and requires important expressive skills. David’s forceful playing didn’t let the public down and allowed him to show his high sensibility as an interpret, his dominion over the instrument and his obvious virtuosity. This solo artist’s abilities are developed here to the highest level. The concert, recorded live on the thirty-first of March, 2008 received very favourable and flattering reviews.

H E R M E S    Q U A R T E T

The Hermes quartet stems from the passion of four Spanish musicians for chamber music. It was in 2011, after winning the First Prize unanimously and the Audience Award at the 7th International Music and Court Competition, that a professional recording was offered for the Solfa Recordings record label.


In Upon receiving the highest score in all the contest prizes, the members decided to perform the same operation. 110 by D. Shostakovich and the quartet No. 2 op. 13 of F. Mendelsshon.

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