Performer  |  D A V I D   B A R O N A

Duration  |  9 0 ’


David Barona stages a select program, with melodies that help an international audience to identify Spanish culture, playing some of  the most outstanding classical Spanish composers as Enrique Granados, Manuel de Falla, Gaspar Cassadó, Joaquin Nin or Pablo Casals.


There are many who know Spanish music is very rich; in fact each region has its own music style. There is a great variety of customs and folklores coexisting within the different regions of Spain, and its essence has been able to collect true geniuses and offer to the world masterpieces that merge talent and uniqueness. 


David Barona has made a unique and exclusive selection of some of the most representative works of classical Spanish music, in order to hear them together in a single concert.

C O N C E R T   P R O G R A M

G O Y E S C A S  |   Enrique Granados

R O M A N Z A   |   Manuel de Falla

C A N T    D E L S    O C E L L S  |   Pablo Casals

7    C A N C I O N E S    P O P U L A R E S   |  Manuel de Falla

M E L O D Í A  |   Manuel de Falla

R E Q U I E B R O S   |   Gaspar Cassadó

S E G U I D A    E S P A Ñ O L A    |   Joaquin Nin

S U I T E    C E L L O    S O L O    |   Gaspar Cassadó

F I R E   D A N C E   |   Manuel de Falla

 C O N T A C T

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